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Our experience and know-how at your disposal:

AAGS SA is a Swiss Association specialized in intelligence of fiscal affairs and property matters at the national and international levels

The company was established in 1983 and is registered at the Register of Commerce of Valais n° CHE-100.099.341



 Main office in Martigny:

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Branch in Crans-Montana:







Our values

Daniel Donnet-Monay

Administrator, Manager


“It is the performance, our history and our origins allied to our know-how that makes up the DNA of our business”
“We follow neither trends nor traditions”
“Our goal is to develop a perfect concept”

 Daniel Donnet-Monay





Jean-François Prélaz


Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.”
(Tony Robbins)

Jean-François Prélaz





José Martinez

General Director


« Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success » 
(Henry Ford)

José Martinez



Monica Lattion

Deputy Director


“Choose a job you love, it is not work a day in his life.(Chinese proverb)

 Monica Lattion



Alexandre Quennoz

Manager  in  Crans-Montana

“Every difficulty encountered must be the occasion of a new progress.” (Pierre de Coubertin)

 Alexandre Quennoz



Marie-Jo Girardin


“You have to appreciate what you have, but do not be contented with it… “


Marie-Jo Girardin




Luc Fellay


Our limits exist only in our fears.” (Yannick Noah)

 Luc Fellay



  Philippe Receveur




“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.“(Eleanor Roosevelt)

Philippe Receveur







  1. Taxation

  2. Transactions

  3. Legal Services

  4. Finances

  5. Human capital

  6. Business centre




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AAGS SA provides, at the request of individuals or enterprises a wide range of fully integrated tax services. Our expertise combines analysis, life experience, innovation tied to our interpretation of several disciplines, as well as knowledge of various industries.






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Foundation establishment, corporations, holdings, limited liability companies:



*Complete administrative management of the company from A to Z

*Tax declaration

*Transport and Customs duties









AAGS SA provides consulting services in following matters:

*Business plan


*Investigation of fraud

*Public-private partnership (enterprise-cantons-municipalities)

*Evaluation of the company




Domiciliation and management of the company::



*Bank account creation in Switzerland and abroad

*Official address, with own telephone and fax numbers

*Administrative management

*E-mail address, business cards, heading papers, envelopes with logo

Your own web site with information about your company and contact details in Switzerland and abroad

Your graphic line on a USB key

Search of the company name

Administrative employees answering on behalf of your company

Routing of telephones and fax machines

Share certificate

Secretary dealing with your personal mail

Merger, acquisition and commerce rehabilitation



Legal Services

The legal advice, real estate and notary are supported by our various services.
We are responsible for next tasks:



*Company creation

*Franchise contracts

*National and international inter-company contracts


*Regulation of crisis

*Intellectual property

*Logo protection





Human capital, Technology focused on employees:


*Costs optimization within human resources

*Organization and change


*HR Recruitment

*Outsourcing and available HR

*Remuneration, management of salaries, premiums, bonus with tax optimization

*Establishment of permanent residence permits in Switzerland

*European passport establishment






Business center-Optimizing of financial assets


 *Industrial, we find for you your future premises or we contribute to its construction. Ex. Les Balcons de L’Ajoie SA

*Research of private properties on the whole territory of Switzerland and Europe (castles, vineyards, chalets, Luxury Villas, apartments)

*Luxury, structuring international patrimony with the goal of the total exemption of the inheritance tax

*Search for real estate properties with yield

*Sale of properties of our clients



Our experience and expertise at your service







Why Switzerland



    • Profit tax between 8,33 and 9,42% for companies domiciled in the canton of Valais and Jura
    • Profit tax between 12,66 and 21,57% for companies with employees in the canton of Valais and Jura
    • Capital tax of 0,2% for Holding companies
    • Deduction of representation expenses on the income tax up to 50% of turnover
    • Your own taxes are deductible
    • No inheritance tax in Valais and in Jura = ∅ (zero)
    • VAT in Switzerland = 8%
    • International VAT = 0%
    • Corporate benefits in CHF – Swiss Franc, better stability
    • Swiss economic, social, political, legal and monetary stability
    • Possibility of communal and cantonal tax exemption up to 10 years, file should be sent for submission to the public authority





Why Hong-Kong


  • There are no taxes for companies domiciled in Hong Kong, 0%
  • Taxes between 15% and 16.5 % for the companies with employees
  • No VAT , 0%
  • Stable currency based on the Dollar, HK$
  • Legal system based on the British system
  • Unequalled expertise in international trade and negotiations






Career Partners




Career Partners SA is a company, which has resulted from a partnership between French-Swiss border territories of Valais and the Geneva Lake and the Jura until to the region of Paris . 
Specialized in executive recruitment of complex profiles (human resources) in the private and public sectors, its scope of activities extends from national or international private companies until the public and para-public organizations. Industry and services, especially medical and those related to IT represent the bulk of its activities Besides the premium recruitment, the company offers services in the professional assessments of establishment, personality analysis, research, selection and placement of staff, human resources management and consulting, and finally coaching and training. Career Partners SA relies on the strong experience of its founders as well as the expertise of a network of external partners with already proven skills.

Career Partners SA uses a combination between “classical” approach and the modern digital world that is why it is the ideal partner for all technical resource recruitment with complex profile. 

As a true partner for a long term relationships we want to know exactly our client’s profiles and the environment in which they operate in way to determine precisely together their needs and to reach the real goal.

We bring a strong project management expertise, extensive knowledge of the markets, a keen awareness about the concepts of investment of time and of cost.



 Marie-Jo Girardin



Born on 03/06/1974

Nationality: Swiss

Language: French – German – English


Professional training :

Avenir Formation Delémont

Advanced Federal Certificate HR specialist


Current job :

DFAE – HR specialist for the transfer of Swiss diplomats abroad


Manager :


Communication Consulting, Public Affairs et HR



Philippe Receveur



Born on 21/06/1963

Nationality: Swiss

Language: French – German – English


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jura Hospital.



Professional Training :

University of Neuchâtel, Master of Law.


Previous job :

Minister for the Environment and Equipment of the Republic and Canton of the Swiss Jura between 2011 and 2015.

Health & Human Resources Minister from 2006 until to 2010.


Strategic responsible for IT in the State of Jura between 2006 and 2015.



  • Our curriculum, availability, our proximity, our linguistic knowledge, the effectiveness of our methods.
  • Our curriculum, availability, our proximity, our linguistic knowledge, the effectiveness of our methods.
  • Using a premier digital marketing company with a clean society
  • A large administrative logistical support, which should allow customers recruiters and candidates to meet in the best possible conditions


You are about to graduate, you are qualified, you want to start a new experience by putting your professional skills to good use. With our young and dynamic company, you will have many opportunities in order to perform your purpose

 We are working on marketing. We require a good knowledge of computers. If you believe to be someone responsible, organized, versatile and sociable, and if your profile corresponds to our request and if you are ready to join us in our team, please send us your application form on the web address below.


You are hiring of staff

You are looking for talented people for your company or organization and you want benefice the best opportunity of success … 

You, the candidate, you are looking for a professional opportunity to match your skills and your aspirations…


Contact us!

At a time of a global marketplace, our modern approach based on the latest digital marketing tools and our closeness makes us able to recruit effectively across the continent and the country.




MARIE-JO GIRARDIN                  


Route de Moutier 5, 2800 Delémont                                                   

Tél : +41 (0)32 312 70 22

Fax : +41 (0)32 312 70 23

Mob : +41 (0)79 458 27 18





Route de Moutier 5

2800 Delémont

Tél : +41 (0)32 312 70 22

Fax : +41 (0)32 312 70 23

Mob : +41 (0)79 458 27 18






Rue du Simplon 4
1920 Martigny



Daniel Donnet-Monay

José Martinez



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Rue du Village 41
 1874 Champéry



Daniel Donnet-Monay

José Martinez



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Imm. Le Scandia, Rue Centrale 7
3963 Crans-Montana



Daniel Donnet-Monay

Alexandre Quennoz



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Place de la Gare 10
2800 Delémont



Marie-Jo Girardin



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11/F, Anton Building
1 Anton Street



Daniel Donnet-Monay