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Switzerland or Hong Kong: Your headquarters where it belongs, how it belongs

The location of your headquarters is paramount to your financial performance and profitability. And for existing companies, relocation can prove worthwhile. The teams at AAGS SA help you choose the best locations and the legal forms most appropriate for your business.

Seat your headquarters in Switzerland

Swiss legislation and taxation permit the establishment of quasi-tax-exempt holding companies on the national territory. For a very long time now, Switzerland has favoured the settlement of foreign entrepreneurs and wealthy families and protects their wealth with simple and rather inexpensive transfers. This is particularly the case in the cantons of Vaud and Valais, where holding companies are subject to a 0.2% tax rate.

In addition to this substantial advantage, there are numerous possibilities for tax deductions, for optimizing the tax base, or for municipal and cantonal tax exemptions on a case by case basis. A VAT rate of 8% in Switzerland and 0% internationally rounds out this advantageous long standing regime. Lastly, in terms of asset transfers among family members, direct line inheritance taxes are 0% in the canton of Valais.

AAGS SA offers all entrepreneurs the opportunity to structure or restructure their assets wisely in order to benefit from all the fiscal and financial advantages available in the cantons of Vaud and Valais. And to respond to the continuing internationalisation of business and privacy, AAGS SA provides a team of experts in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is one of the leading international financial destinations. It has long been a stable and favourable environment for entrepreneurs:

  • Absence of income tax for companies seated in Hong Kong,
  • Tax rate on companies with employees between 15% and 16.5%,
  • 0% VAT.

The experts at AAGS SA efficiently advise you on financial and tax engineering. They save you precious time, so you very quickly attain real financial and tax savings in the management of your activities and your inheritance.

Holdings and seated companies

The teams at AAGS SA are responsible for creating the legal structures that will maximise and protect your assets.

Its experts carry out all the steps to create your holding company, seated company or any other form of useful company, in Hong Kong just as in Switzerland. They work fast, so you can quickly profit from your expected benefits.

AAGS SA monitors your account at every step and guarantees the legal creation process from start to finish. You will be able to carry out your operations on a solid foundation without wasting time with subtle and tedious administrative procedures.

The associates at AAGS SA will also be able to administer the appointment of your board of directors, the definition and distribution of the powers of the board, the meetings and the management of the company, and the establishing a Charter of Organization for the family council.

Would you like to create a head office in Switzerland or Hong Kong? AAGS SA can pertinently advise and assist you.
Contact our secretariat today at 027 720 61 00 who will be happy to answer your questions or to book an appointment with one of our specialists.

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