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You invest in real estate, or you are relocating your business to Switzerland: Welcome! To secure your operations, consider purchasing the right insurance contracts. Do you have time to compare the various offers on the Swiss market? Do you need an expert? Enter Neos-Romandie.

Neos-Romandie, the insurance and financial loan broker of the AAGS Group.

Upon your settlement in Switzerland, the advisors at Neos-Romandie will help you choose the appropriate retirement or savings coverage appropriate for your situation, from a wide range of products marketed by fourteen different insurers.

Your Needs First

The complete independence of Neos-Romandie guarantees that its teams will defend your interests effectively with insurance companies.

Up to date on the latest offers

Neos-Romandie advisors are constantly informed about all the offers on the market and select the policies that present the guarantees you need at the best cost.

Against the risks of illness or old age, Neos-Romandie offers you capitalisation or annuity contracts that protect your future and that of your loved ones.

For the insurance of your investments, Neos-Romandie also finds the right financing associated with coverage that is perfectly suited to your personal and tax situation.

Neos-Romandie provides for the need for financial protection and economic freedom for all the clients of the AAGS Group.

Occupational or personal risk: all the types of coverage

In terms of insurance, Neos-Romandie is at your disposal for:

  • Analysis of your coverage needs in terms of retirement or savings,
  • Comparison of the insurance policies available on the market,
  • Finding insurance offers that best suit your current and future needs.

In terms of investment, Neos-Romandie develops for you the best montages taking into account:

  • Interest rates,
  • Your tax situation,
  • Indirect amortisation, through your pension insurance used as collateral,
  • The guarantees you can mobilise: securities, stocks, bonds, real estate.

Neos-Romandie is your expert for all insurance issues. Their advice will protect you, enhance your assets and investments, all while saving you money.

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