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The whole world on a silver platter

Based in Switzerland since 1983, in the heart of the cantons of Vaud and Valais, AAGS SA provides all the services of Family Office and takes into account the international dimensions innate to ambitious entrepreneurs. Its experts work in seventeen languages, to offer you the whole world on a silver platter.

AAGS SA protects your assets

The history of AAGS SA is intrinsically linked to that of Switzerland, a territory that has always welcomed wealthy families who are concerned with protecting and developing their legacy from generation to generation.

Switzerland has a legal and financial system that protège les intérêts privés protects private interests and has remained remarkably stable over time. The political and economic framework of Switzerland, particularly in the cantons of Vaud and Valais, guarantees both the hereditary protection of foreign entrepreneurs who settle here and the safety of their families. The beneficial tax regimes of these cantons optimises the private and professional taxation of entrepreneurs as well as the transfer of their assets.

AAGSA SA: Switzerland and Hong Kong

AAGS SA is based in Lausanne, in the canton of Vaud, and in Martigny in Valais. It is also present in Hong Kong, which enjoys a very liberal economy and a tax environment extremely favorable to dynamic entrepreneurs.

AAGS SA, always by your side

AAGS SA is dedicated to serving and promoting the interests of entrepreneurs who are fully invested in their business and who deserve tailor-made assistance to administer their asset management day after day and to pass it on to future generations under the best circumstances.

AAGS SA has two distinct characteristics, very much appreciated by its customers :

  • Family Office services are customised and tailored to each client;
  • Benefits and advice are entirely independent of any banking or insurance group.
Serving your tax and financial interests

AAGS SA serves your interests, completely and exclusively. Its specialists help wealthy families to structure, protect and administer their assets now and into the future, as well as to safeguard their financial and fiscal interests on a ongoing basis.

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