Our Values

The experts at AAGS SA share your values and expectations

They know how to listen attentively, understand your story, your culture, and define with you the services you need.

AAGS SA is supported by twenty-two associates, who master 17 languages and come from a variety of geographical and cultural backgrounds. They flow with ease into your mode of operation and your cultural sensitivities.

They build the lasting relationships with you that generate the mutual trust indispensable to the serene management of your affairs.

Efficiency and confidentiality make Switzerland and Hong Kong two appreciated international financial locations. Heavily influenced by this business culture, the experts at AAGS SA give you all the guarantees you need to solidify your confidence.

They provide you with the innovation needed to get ahead of the changes in your business and personal environments.

Innovation, the flagship value at AAGS SA.
The globalisation of transactions, remote work, and management of private and professional images: with AAGS SA, you benefit at all times from the latest techniques, laws and opportunities favourable to your business. Additionally, through the subsidiaries in the AAGS Group, you have access to the best of digital marketing, insurance, accounting and recruitment.

Do you need a service? A range of services? The benefit of an objective opinion before an important arbitration?
Contact our secretariat at 027 720 61 00 who will be very happy to answer your questions or to book an appointment with one of our specialists.

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