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AAGS SA, real estate investment experts

Real estate investment is a pillar in the solid management of your assets, approached with intelligence it may contribute to an exemption from inheritance tax. However, the search for real estate takes time and requires a good knowledge of the markets.

AAGS SA has had, for numerous years now, real estate experts trained in the techniques of real estate investment in offices, exceptional properties and performance investments.

The experts at AAGS SA structure your assets

The advisors at AAGS SA develop the appropriate financial and legal arrangements for your real estate investments. They therefore maximise the value of your business or assets. They also reduce the fiscal impact on your income or the transfer of your assets.

They analyse with you your financial and tax situation and determine how future real estate investments could enrich your assets and wealth while improving your current and future tax situation.

Based on their real estate, financial, legal and tax expertise, AAGS SA's teams can find the perfect investment for you, as well as the optimal financial and fiscal scheme for your professional or private assets.

AAGS SA searches, finds and negotiates on your behalf:

  • Your future professional or commercial place of business
  • The most prestigious properties (manors, chateaus, wine estates, luxury chalets, exceptional properties, villas and apartments)
  • Apartments with high rental income
AAGS SA finds your professional place of business

Connoisseurs of the Swiss market and the cantons of Vaud and Valais, the real estate experts at AAGS SA help you save time

in the search for your offices and the installation of your professional activities in Switzerland. In some cases, it may be better to build your locale, and our experts have the appropriate knowledge.

AAGS SA finds the villa of your dreams

AAGS SA benefits from a wide network of international relationships, and searches for luxury properties for you throughout Switzerland and the European territory. The firm finds prestigious properties and dream villas that are not necessarily yet officially for sale, and that will certainly enrich your assets.

AAGS SA selects your high-performance rental properties

Good rental properties generate guaranteed returns. The specialists at AAGS SA identify assets with potential short, medium and long term returns. They also help you manage these assets, freeing you from this time consuming and delicate task. They also defend your interests against developers, tenants, management firms, condominium boards and construction companies.

AAGS SA sells your real estate

Are you relocating and want to sell real estate ? A sale takes time and its success often depends on a network of relationships well in tune with the profiles of potential buyers.

The advisors at AAGS SA have long maintained an important network of Swiss and European international investors and prestigious real estate agents. Strengthened by this network, they can easily sell your property. They follow all stages of the sale with the buyer or his representative, as well as with notaries or lawyers and conclude the transaction with your personal, financial and tax interests forefront in their minds.

Are you moving to Switzerland? Would you like to know more about AAGS SA's services ?
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