School Enrolment

School Enrolment: AAGS SA paves the road to schooling

You are an entrepreneur and you are settling in Switzerland with your family. Your children must go to school and your move to Switzerland does not necessarily correspond to the start of the school year.
Relax: AAGS SA is here, and will save you precious time in your childrens' school enrolments. How?

Finding the best institutions

AAGS SA perfectly knows the best national and international schools available to you on Swiss territory.

The Swiss school system, in short

In Vaud and Valais, the high-quality educational system includes two years of kindergarten and six years of primary school. Then follows a three-year orientation cycle, unless the student has obtained the necessary marks to enter the secondary school by the end of the second year. The completion of the orientation cycle marks the end of standardised schooling. The student can then choose between three streams: the vocational stream (apprenticeship), the general education sector or middle school. As for the Hautes Écoles, they are very numerous in Switzerland, some of them internationally renowned.

The cantons of Vaud and Valais host a wide range of tertiary training courses: Computer Management, Business Economics, Design and Visual Arts, Music and Performing Arts, Tourism, Industrial Systems, Life Sciences, Nursing, Health, Engineering and Architecture.

Academic training and research institutes or distance education institutes round out a broad range of schools and universities.

Choose with discernment

The consultants at AAGS SA help you and your children to choose the right establishments. Because good school integration contributes greatly to the success of the relocation of an entrepreneur and his family, the firm's experts strongly integrate the human factor into their analysis and selection process.

The Enrolment

To sum up, AAGS SA quickly and efficiently prepares the necessary administrative files for the admission of your children to these schools or universities. You are thus discharged of all these time-consuming formalities.

All AAGS SA's services are flexible and tailor-made. You ask ; AAGS SA delivers.

A future relocation to Switzerland? Potential school enrolments?
Contact our secretariat today at 027 720 61 00 who will be happy to answer your questions or to book an appointment with one of our specialists.

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