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Settlement in Switzerland: Made simpler with AAGS SA

Settlement in Switzerland for an entrepreneur and their family is a complex ordeal which can be subject to unforeseen circumstances. To approach this with peace of mind, You can rely on the expertise and services of AAGS SA.

Quick answers, flexible solutions

AAGS SA provides tailor-made, high-quality Family Office services that meet the needs of all entrepreneurs who settle in Switzerland, and the expectations of their families.

Search for housing, residence permits, diplomas and equivalences, advice, management, accounting and insurance... in all aspects that concern your assets or your private and professional life, the experts at AAGS SA save you valuable time.

Objective Advice

AAGS SA is a company independent from asset managers, bankers or insurers. It serves your interests with discretion, efficiency and loyalty.

Tailored Services

The services provided by AAGS SA are carefully defined and calibrated according to your expectations: thus, the firm delivers to you exactly the skills you need.

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