Vehicle Registration

AAGSA SA: The Fast Lane for your Registrations

You are settling in Switzerland: Congratulations and Welcome! If you wish to import your vehicles you will need to think about re-registration. It would be indeed compulsory for a smooth permanent relocation to Switzerland. How to accomplish this? The simplest way is to delegate this purely administrative task. The associates of the Family Office know the current regulations like the backs of their hands and will help avoid any disappointment for you on Swiss soil.

Advice and regulatory procedures

Modern or collector vehicles, boats, planes, helicopters, in your name, or in your company's: the specialists

at AAGS SA advise you or take care of the complete procedure and the payment of duties and taxes to the authorities concerned. They can also transport your vehicles to your new address in Switzerland.

The wisest solution to properly re-register

With AAGS SA, you save valuable time, avoid any risk of infringement of Swiss regulations, and simplify your relocation to Switzerland.

A relocation to Switzerland? Vehicles to be imported and registered?
Contact our secretariat today at 027 720 61 00 who will be happy to answer your questions or to book an appointment with one of our specialists.

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