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The rapid evolution of media has profoundly changed the tasks of the executive secretariats, whether serving entrepreneurs or their families. It has now become a question of answering social networks, in a professional and safe way, or to ensure the quality of the image reflected by an entrepreneur or his family.

To protect this image while developing your online visibility, AAGS SA relies on Swiss Digital Services, a subsidiary of the AAGS Group.

Swiss Digital Services is a digital strategy and marketing agency. It offers a complete range of online image creation, development and management services. Like all AAGS Group companies, Swiss Digital Services offers tailor-made services to both private individuals and companies.

Your Digital Marketing

For your websites or mobile applications, Swiss Digital Service ensures :

  • Market analysis,
  • Definition of your digital strategy,
  • Social network communications strategy,
  • SEO,
  • Creation of websites and mobile applications,
  • Online publicity campaigns.

Protection of your e-Reputation

To avoid the damaging your reputation and the sometimes irreparable consequences, Swiss Digital Services teams take care of:

  • Monitoring and analysis of trademarks,
  • Monitoring and analysis of the image of individuals,
  • The de-referencing of content identified as negative or disturbing.

Data Analysis

The experts at Swiss Digital Services constantly monitor for ways to benefit your activities. They observe markets, listen to social networks, map behaviors and trends online, and deploy influential communication strategies.

Forecasting, a strategic asset

The teams at Swiss Digital Services employ skills and predictive tools applied to the development of international markets. Once armed with new data, you can anticipate market changes critical for your activity or your assets.

Proposed forecasting studies :

  • Prior to product launch
  • Trend evolution
  • New markets to develop
  • Targeted clientele

Do you need a site created? An image to built? The launching of a forecasting study? Swiss Digital Services is at your disposal.

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